'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Early Buzz: Spidey Is Back And He's Better Than Ever

Marvel Studios has turned the superhero moviemaking engine into a finely tuned machine. From the sound of things, Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn't deviate from their tried and true course of showing everyone else in the business how it's done. Despite being a collaboration with Sony (who owns the Spidey movie rights), Peter Parker's first solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is earning raves more in line with Guardians of the Galaxy than The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And that may be putting it mildly. The early reactions have been nothing short of ecstatic.

While no one is allowed to actually review the movie yet, the social media embargo on director Jon Watts' superhero adventure went up and everyone who has seen the movie promptly took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Let's begin with our own Peter Sciretta, who loved the movie and said that it's second only to Spider-Man 2 when it comes to big screen stories about 'ol web-head.

And he's not alone in his praise. Just about everyone else who has seen the movie seems to like it, with the vast majority of the responses leaning toward the "total head-over-heels in love" end of the spectrum. Critics praised the action, how the story mixes superhero antics with high school drama, and Tom Holland's Peter Parker (who is being called the best actor to wear that red and blue costume yet).

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens on July 7, 2017. Full reviews will arrive before that and while the overall response will probably be a bit more measured, this is all an excellent sign.