'Power Rangers' Honest Trailer: What If The Breakfast Club Turned Into Ninjas?

Lionsgate made their attempt at bringing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back to the big screen earlier this year, and now that the movie is available on home video, Screen Junkies has taken some cracks at the teenage superhero team with a new Honest Trailer.

Power Rangers took quite the serious approach to the goofy TV series that was imported from Japan and adapted for American audiences in the 1990s, and Honest Trailers wastes no time pointing out how this movie spends 90 minutes on having the titular heroes bond and train, only to conclude with a 30-minute big budget version of the TV series. Should we really be surprised though?

Watch the Power Rangers Honest Trailer after the jump.

I'd be lying if I said I was completely unsatisfied with the results of Power Rangers. Though there was entire too much Breakfast Club drama between the five teenage warriors, it wasn't necessarily a bad approach. Even if the movie spent 90 minutes to have these Mad Libs-created teens bond before turning into a big budget version of the show, it was refreshing because of the diversity on display between the team.

My chief complaint about Power Rangers lies in the action not really delivering after having so much build-up. Plus, the soundtrack is downright terrible, though not nearly as bad as the product placement of Power Rangers. Okay, the movie isn't that great, but it's not nearly as bad as it could have been. Still, it's probably best that we're likely not getting a sequel, unless the toys really did sell enough to warrant making one.