Cool Stuff: 'Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm' Is Finally Coming To Blu-Ray

Following the release of Tim Burton's Batman in 1989 and the sequel Batman Returns in 1992, Warner Bros. Pictures tried their hand at bringing the animated version of The Dark Knight to theaters with Batman: Mask of the Phantasm on Christmas Day in 1993.

As a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year like Batman Returns, the animated film didn't spark much interest at the box office, pulling in only $5.6 million in its entire domestic run. Still, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm has become a favorite among Batman fans, especially with all the love that they have for the animated series that inspired it.

For years, fans have wanted to get their hands on Batman: Mask of the Phantasm in high definition, but it hadn't been made available. That will change later this year though as Warner Archive has just announced the animated movie will be releases on Blu-ray this summer. Find out more about the Batman Mask of the Phantasm Blu-ray after the jump.

Warner Archive made the announcement on their Facebook page with an image of the Blu-ray:


The release will have a 1080p HD remaster of the film and will include the original 16:9 aspect ratio (1.78:1) as well as an open mate 4:3 (1.37:1) version for people who like their movies ruined. Unfortunately, the special features leave something to be desired as the film's theatrical trailer is the only item listed.

Still, just getting Batman: Mask of the Phantasm available in HD for the first time will be a treat for fans. There's no specific release date yet, but the home video release is said to arrive sometime in July.

For those who don't know, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was The Caped Crusader's only theatrically released animated movie until The LEGO Batman Movie came out earlier this year. It's directed by Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm from Batman: The Animated Series and features the voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman as well as Mark Hamill as The Joker.

If you've somehow avoided seeing Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, I'd spend the time between now and the release watching (or rewatching) Batman: The Animated Series (which is available free with Amazon Prime) so you can dive in with this version of Batman fresh in your mind. You won't be disappointed.

When the city's most feared gangsters are systematically eliminated, the Caped Crusader is blamed. But prowling the Gotham night is a shadowy new villain, the Phantasm, a sinister figure with some link to Batman's past. Can the Dark Knight elude the police, capture the Phantasm and clear his own name?

Unmasking the Phantasm is just one of the twists in this dazzling animated feature. Discover revelations about Batman's past, his archrival the Joker and Batman's most grueling battle ever — the choice between his love for a beautiful woman and his vow to be the defender of right.