'Cars 3' Almost Featured Several Batmobile Cameos, Which Is Super Weird

The universe in which Pixar's animated franchise Cars exists is already confusing enough, and it was almost expanded to be even more perplexing in Cars 3 with several cameos inspired by a certain DC Comics superhero.

In a recent interview, director Brian Fee explained that a different version of Cars 3 almost saw Lightning McQueen end up in Los Angeles at a Hollywood party that would have been full of movie stars, including two different Batmobiles. That version of the story didn't survive, but if it did, the existence of Batmobiles in the Cars universe would have been supremely strange.

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Here's what Brian Fee told Screen Junkies during their interview about the axed Batmobile cameos:

"At one point, part of the story took place in LA and we had a scene where McQueen went to a Hollywood hills party and it was full of actors, and we had the old Batmobile and the new Batmobile talking to each other at a party."

On the surface, that's a clever idea, because the idea of a Cars character based on an iconic movie vehicle being a real celebrity just makes sense. But when you think about it beyond that, it would actually be extremely weird and even sad.

If there's an old Batmobile and a new Batmobile having a conversation, that implies that there are multiple versions of "Batman" that exist in this world. However, unlike actors who play Batman in the real world, these Cars characters would always be the Batmobile. What else could they possibly do with their lives besides be the Batmobile all the time? They can't audition for other roles, and they would always be bombarded by fans.

Brian Fee doesn't explain if we would have heard part of the conversation between the two different Batmobiles, or even which Batmobiles we'd be seeing (though one of them would likely have been the classic Batmobile from the 1966 TV series), or if we would have just seen them in the background at the party. Therefore, we don't get any indication of what their lives would be like as Batmobiles, but it does raise questions as to whether there can be actors in the Cars universe who take on roles where they can drastically change their appearance or if they're stuck in the same car form for their entire life.

Even though this isn't canon, it just continues to make the Cars universe weirder and weirder.

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