'Beauty And The Beast' Honest Trailer: It's What's On The Inside Of Your Wallet That Counts

Back before Disney's live-action remake of their 1992 animated adaptation Beauty and the Beast hit theaters, Honest Trailers delivered a mockery of the contemporary classic musical from the House of Mouse. But now that the updated version of Beauty and the Beast is available on home video, Honest Trailers has returned to give Emma Watson and Dan Stevens a hard time.

Watch the Beauty and the Beast 2017 Honest Trailer after the jump.

For those who were more critical of Emma Watson, it should come as no surprise that the Harry Potter franchise star doesn't get a pass for the obvious presence of autotune used on her voice for some of the musical sequences (her former on-screen love Ron Weasley also takes a little jab in there too). Though we should probably be thankful that she ended up doing this instead of La La Land, because that could have had quite a detrimental impact on the film that almost won Best Picture.

Honest Trailers also decides to reuse one of their jokes from the animated Honest Trailer, and then simultaneously call themselves out for it while also shutting down anyone who gives them crap about it and still likes the Beauty and the Beast remake. That's pretty damn clever if you ask me. And even if you weren't, I still think it's clever, so there.

Beauty and the Beast is now available on home video in multiple formats. Head over here to figure out which format is best for your personal collection.