VOTD: How 'The LEGO Batman Movie' Should Have Ended

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This week brought The LEGO Batman Movie to Blu-ray and DVD to bring some darkness to your movie collection, and in honor of the home video release of The LEGO Movie spin-off, we have a new edition of How It Should Have Ended.

The LEGO Batman Movie gets a new ending that's much more straightforward than the more recent installments of HISHE. It's the first one in awhile that's concerned only with the ending as opposed to some of the other scenes earlier in the movie. Plus, it makes for the perfect tie-in to the usual diner chat between Batman and Superman. As a bonus, this episode of HISHE is stop-motion animated with real LEGO minifigures that make it feel just like the real movie.

Watch How The LEGO Batman Movie Should Have Ended after the jump.

Yeah, let's be honest, there's absolutely no reason that Justice League couldn't have shown up to help LEGO Batman deal with this problem. Sure, they were all having a party and didn't really like hanging out with Batman, but one would imagine that if an ensemble of some of the most deadly villains was threatening this section of the LEGO universe, they might have something to say about it, especially when Superman finds out that Batman stole his Phantom Zone projector.

This may not be one of the funnier, more clever editions of HISHE, but that just goes to show you that The LEGO Batman Movie is pretty great, and there's not a whole lot of ways that it could have gone better.