'Cars' Honest Trailer: The Movie That Paid For 'Ratatouille', 'WALL E', And 'Up'

With the release of Cars 3 just a few days away, it should come as no surprise that Honest Trailers has decided to take a look back at the frequently panned film that started it all.

Cars is easily the movie that is given the most grief since it doesn't quite measure up to the quality that Pixar Animation has delivered over the years. However, Cars 2 is even worse, and it's the latter movie that takes the brunt of the insults thrown around, as well it should.

Watch the Cars Honest Trailer after the jump.

That's right, what starts as an Honest Trailer for Cars quickly takes a turn to throw punches at Cars 2, easily the worst movie Pixar Animation has produced. The sequel is the definition of cash grab as Disney was undoubtedly hungry to double all the merchandising money they made on the first movie.

The biggest flaw that Cars 2 has is that it focuses on the most dispensable, stupid character: Mater. As Honest Trailers so astutely points out, the character of Mater is basically "a turducken of fake idiots pretending to be even bigger, faker idiots." And no, we're not being harsh on a kids movie, because kids movies don't have to be this stupid to be entertaining, and the sooner everyone realizes that, the better off entertainment for young kids will be.

The good news is that if you're forced to take your kids to Cars 3 this weekend, it sounds like it will be significantly better than both of the previous films in the franchise. We'll find out when Cars 3 arrives on June 16.