'Rick And Morty' Featurette: Dan Harmon Dives Into The Meaning Of Life

In the simplest terms, Rick and Morty is an animated comedy series about a drunk, genius scientist grandfather who takes his grandson on insane adventures across the universe and usually creates problem for his family back on Earth. But Rick and Morty is so much more than a series of sci-fi mishaps, vulgarities and drunken burps.

Series co-creator Dan Harmon sat down for a Rick and Morty featurette where he talks briefly about the bleak outlook that Rick Sanchez has by thinking that nothing he does really matters. Is Rick really any happier because he's smart enough to realize that all of the things that worry the rest of his family are inconsequential? Dan Harmon certainly doesn't think so, and he explains why in the fairly deep thinking Rick and Morty featurette you can watch after the jump.

For every obscure pop culture reference or joke about sex robots, there are moments when we see how pathetic and sad of an individual Rick truly is. The second season especially really started to dive into Rick's outlook and life and how his inconsiderate behavior and drunken antics impacts his family's lives.

As we saw when Adult Swim pulled an epic April Fools' Day prank that actually didn't suck, the third season picks up where the second season left off. While it seemed to provide some insight into the origin of Rick's destructive behavior, the episode took a left turn when Rick's sad backstory turned out to be a virtual ruse. But was it really a lie? Or is Rick lying about it being a lie? We'll have to wait until the third season returns sometime this summer to find out.