VOTD: A Supercut Of Movies Where Someone Says The Title In The Movie

When it comes to the marketing of a movie, a trailer is probably the most important part. It gives the audience an idea of what to expect from the movie by showing off the tone, key sequences and all the talents on board that might get butts in the seats. But simply the title of a movie can be just as important. It's why Warner Bros. decided to change the title of Edge of Tomorrow to Live Die Repeat when it hit home video.

Often times the title is pretty self-explanatory like Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Mars Attacks, other times a title can have subtle meaning behind it, like No Country for Old Men, or it can be a joke like South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. But no matter what the title is, every time a character says the title of the movie in the movie itself, there's a little part of us that smiles wryly on the inside whenever we hear it in the movie itself. Now someone has taken it upon themselves to create a supercut of moments where the title of the movie is name dropped in the movie.

Watch the movie title name drop supercut after the jump.

Perhaps the funniest thing about the creation of this video is that despite what it accomplishes, Vimeo user Roman Holiday still felt required to create a list of all the clips he included, even though they say the title right there in the video. At least he's thorough, I suppose.

If you're wondering where famous name drops such as Jurassic Park are, the creator said in the comments, "I wanted to avoid using titles that were simply character or location names that get said dozens of times in the film." It's probably for the best, otherwise we'd just have dozens of clips of people saying Ghostbusters or Hook. Imagine how excited Peter Griffin would get if he were watching one of those movies: