'Catwoman' Honest Trailer: A Terribly Written, Ridiculously Acted Pile Of Cat Barf

This week brings Wonder Woman to theaters, marking the first time that a major female superhero is getting her own film franchise. Sadly, it's not the first time a female comic book character was given her own movie though, and Honest Trailers has taken a look back at one such disastrous attempt that also hails from Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics.

Catwoman is one of the most iconic villains from Batman's rogues gallery, so how does a movie focusing on the feline vixen without any Dark Knight to scratch turn out? Well, it turns out to be a complete nonsensical nightmare that makes absolutely no sense and is easily the worst thing Halle Berry has done, not just in her career, but her life.

Watch the Catwoman Honest Trailer after the jump.

Even if you've never seen the movie, this Honest Trailer gives you an idea of just how ridiculous it is, and how lucky you've been to avoid it. Then again, I imagine the laughs you might have from a production such as this are priceless.

It's sad to think that at one point Warner Bros. Pictures thought this was a smart investment. Not only is a Catwoman movie without any ties to the comic book mythology of the character just an awful idea, but so is making the central character nothing but an excuse to get Halle Berry into a sexy, revealing, completely impractical outfit for no good reason. Sure, Catwoman has been a character sexualized in the comic books over and over again, but this movie makes no attempt to make her anything more than that.