Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star In New 'Terminator' Sequel Produced By James Cameron

Earlier this year, we learned director James Cameron is returning to the Terminator franchise he created to produce and shepherd the new approach to the dying sci-fi property that hasn't had a good sequel since Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Deadpool director Tim Miller will be at the helm of the movie, but otherwise we haven't heard anything about what to expect from it, and frankly even with Cameron on board, it's been hard to get excited for yet another Terminator sequel. However, a new update might help get fans on board.

Even though any of the sequels intended to follow Terminator Genisys have been canceled, as we learned in January this year, that only means the previously planned storyline won't continue. Arnold Schwarzenegger said back in April that just because Paramount Pictures isn't making the sequels they were developing doesn't mean the franchise won't continue. Now the actor himself has confirmed that he will be reteaming with James Cameron for whatever this new Terminator sequel will be. Find out more below.

ScreenDaily sat down for a chat with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Cannes Film Festival in France where he confirmed that he will star in the new Terminator sequel, "It is back. It is moving forward. [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie."

It's one thing for Schwarzenegger to say that Cameron has good ideas, but the actor also thought that starring in Terminator Genisys was a good idea. Then again, everyone needs a paycheck every once in awhile. Plus, let's not forget that James Cameron came out and shilled for the awful sequel as well, even though he reportedly wasn't paid to do so. So though it's an exciting prospect to have the original star and filmmaker reteaming for the franchise for the fist time since the aforementioned 1991 sequel, we should probably be cautiously optimistic at this point. Personally, I think the Terminator franchise needs to get away from shoehorning Arnold Schwarzenegger into every movie, but surely that would upset fans to no end.

Anyway, even if James Cameron does have a good idea for a movie, he's not going to be writing it himself. Cameron has his hands full getting all four of the Avatar sequels together for release through 2024, so even if he'll be involved as a producer, someone else will be writing the script. Hopefully Cameron will be hands-on enough to help guide the Terminator franchise to an exciting new place, but for now, I'm not necessarily interested.

For now we don't know where the Terminator franchise will end up, but the rights go back to James Cameron in 2018, and at that point any studio could inherit the franchise. With Cameron and Schwarzenegger on board they'll likely be more interested than they would have been previously, but the franchise feels tainted at this point, so we'll see just how many studios make a run for the property.

Is anyone out there looking forward to this movie?