'Young Sheldon' Trailer: Here's A Look At That 'Big Bang Theory' Prequel

Let's make a quick list of certain things: death, taxes, and people on the internet finding new ways to complain about the mere existence of The Big Bang Theory while it continues to be one the most popular shows on television. So as you sit down to watch (or possibly hate-watch) the Young Sheldon trailer, a prequel series following Jim Parsons' character as a kid growing up in east Texas, understand that this show will probably be on the air for a long, long time.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this show is that it ditches the three-camera set-up and laugh track of its parent series and goes full single-camera. The result is a show that looks more cinematic than The Big Bang Theory, something akin to The Wonder Years (or Freaks and Geeks, if you want to be really generous) in look and tone. It helps that Jon Favreau, the director of Iron Man and The Jungle Book, is behind the camera to offer up some polish. It seems that everyone involved wants to distance Young Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in its look as much as possible.

But will a move like that actually encourage people who don't like The Big Bang Theory to give this show a chance? Probably not. Then again, CBS doesn't need people who don't like The Big Bang Theory to watch this one. If even a portion of that show's audience tunes in for this on a regular basis, they'll have a hit. While I'm not fan of the parent show and have no interest in watching Young Sheldon, yelling and complaining about this series isn't going to do anyone any good. I hope the people who want to like this show end up liking it and everyone is happy!

Honestly, I would love nothing more than to learn that this series is an honest and funny look at growing up different in a corner of the country where "different" is often despised. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Young Sheldon stars Iain Armitage as Sheldon, Perry as his mother, Mary Cooper, Lance Barber as his father, George Cooper, Raegan Revord as Missy Cooper, Sheldon's twin sister, and Montana Jordan as George Cooper, his older brother. Jim Parsons will narrate the series. The series will premiere this Fall on CBS.