'The Social Network' Honest Trailer: Lex Luthor Dumps Spider-Man For NSYNC

If you're looking for a film that accurately depicts the creation of Facebook, it's not The Social Network. But if you're looking for a sharply written drama that defines the generation who is living on the internet, then David Fincher's drama scripted by Aaron Sorkin is just the ticket.

Still, just because The Social Network was nominated for Best Picture does not make it safe from the folks at Screen Junkies, who decided to mock the film in an Honest Trailer in honor of this week's release of The Circle starring Tom Hanks. You also might be surprised to learn how many laptops were broken in the scene where Andrew Garfield smashes Jesse Eisenberg's computer.

Watch The Social Network Honest Trailer after the jump.

The Social Network Honest Trailer doesn't have a lot to make fun of here, since the movie is actually rather good. Because of that, they're not shy about really hitting home how inaccurate the movie is in depicting the real people who inspired the story. From a girlfriend who didn't exist to the bickering about Final Clubs, there is plenty in the movie that never happened. But the movie is all the better for these fabrications.

It's kind of amazing how exciting Aaron Sorkin's writing makes the dullest of scenes. Normally a long litigation process would be boring as hell to watch, but Sorkin's snappy dialogue makes you feel like you're watching a sword fight with words clashing at every turn. It's truly incredible, and it's only made better by David Fincher's direction. If you haven't watched The Social Network in a while, use this as your excuse to revisit it immediately.