VOTD: How 'Logan' Should Have Ended (As If It Could Have Been Better)

Under normal circumstances, the folks who put together the ongoing web series How It Should Have Ended offers an amusing, welcome perspective on how a popular blockbuster should have ended. Sometimes it's based on walking through a major plot hole, other times it just points out something that doesn't make sense. In this case though, they had their work cut out for them in trying to poke holes in and even poke fun at the perfect ending of Logan. However, I must say that what they came up with is actually pretty clever, and Deadpool is just a small fraction of it.

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Before HISHE gets to the actual ending of Logan, they do take some time to point out that Logan, Professor X and Laura probably shouldn't have gone with that family they helped on the highway. Sure, Logan learned about the importance of family, but that also resulted in that whole family getting murdered by his deadly clone.

Anyway, the Les Miserables take on the entire ending of Logan is pretty damn brilliant. The repurposed lyrics are witty and funny, and it's rather interesting to think about the classic musical alongside the ending of Logan. Bringing Jean Grey back to sing along with Logan and including all of the X-Men from Logan's history makes for one of the best installments of How It Should Have Ended in a long time. Now I just want to watch the real ending of Logan again.