'Rogue One' Honest Trailer: These Rebellious Rebels Rebel So Hard

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit Blu-ray and DVD last week, but for some reason, but the folks Honest Trailers must have wanted to give fans time to rewatch the first standalone Star Wars adventure before lampooning it for them.

The Rogue One Honest Trailer takes some jabs that you'd expect, like calling in the most expensive fan film ever made and a big budget fix for a decades old plot hole. Thankfully, it also makes sure to take shots at every single member of the ensemble cast of Rebels that it's best to not get attached to for obvious reasons.

Watch the Rogue One Honest Trailer below.

Honest Trailers can't help but point out how inept Stormtroopers continue to be, even the elite squad of Death Troopers who have to disappear before A New Hope so we're not wondering why they're not being sent to help get the Death Star plans back. But inept Stormtroopers aren't quite as abundant as all the easter eggs and references for hardcore Star Wars fans. Though the only one that feels forced is seeing C-3PO and R2-D2 on Yavin IV.

While I appreciate Honest Trailers mixing up their formula by swapping out the usual "Starring..." end gag with a segment that instead points out all the shots and footage that ended up cut from the movie, I would have preferred to hear some of the nicknames they came up with for the characters. Thankfully, the outstanding parody title of Suicide Squad: An Unnecessary Star Wars Story helps make up for it.