VOTD: Kate McKinnon Transforms From Jeff Sessions To Gross Mermaid On 'SNL' In 4 Minutes

Saturday Night Live is one of the most unique shows on television because of the fact that every new episode is created in a single week and performed live with just minutes between commercial breaks for new sketches to be set up. It's always impressive what SNL is able to pull off live on the air.

For those who have wondered just how SNL is able to pull off some of the more technically impressive aspects of the show, some video featurettes have given us a glimpse behind the scenes of Studio 8H when the live show is going on. We've seen how quickly a set can be torn down from the cold open to the monologue, and now you can see what a fast-paced make-up transformation is like when Kate McKinnon has to go from playing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Shud the Mermaid.

Watch the Saturday Night Live make-up transformation after the jump.

As you can see, the timer for the commercial break shows about four minutes go by for artists to remove all of the make-up that Kate McKinnon was wearing as Jeff Sessions and put on everything she needs to become the gross mermaid called Shud. This is a particularly impressive transformation because of the face pieces that McKinnon has to wear for the mermaid sketch. Thankfully, not all make-up changes are quite as drastic, but it just goes to show you how quickly everyone on the set of SNL has to work in order for the show to go off without a hitch.