'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Trailer: We've Got Movie Sign Again!

In the not too distant future, we'll be getting new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, 14 new episodes of the cult favorite movie mocking TV series were put into production, and Netflix picked them up so as many viewers as possible could see them. Now we finally have a peak at the return of MST3K.

Netflix has unleashed the first Mystery Science Theater 3000 trailer showing off comedian and Nerdist podcast co-host Jonah Ray as the new human subject Jonah Heston, who is forced to endure terrible movies alongside his robot counterparts Tom Servo (Baron Vaughn) and Crow T. Robot (Hampton Yount). This first glimpse of the series revival shows us a few of the movies that will be made fun of throughout the new season, including one that fans have wanted to get the MST3K treatment for years.

The greatest revelation from this trailer is that the Danish monster movie Repticilus from 1961 will finally get what's coming to it. You can also see snippets of The Time Travelers from 1964 and Starcrash, the famous rip-off of Star Wars that arrived in 1978. Sadly, we don't get to hear any of the jokes made at the movies' expense yet, but it's just good to know some of the movies that are in the pipeline.

In addition to our primary trio forced to endure all these bad movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000 features the mad minds who created this insane experiment aboard the Satellite of Love. There's Kinga Forrester played by The Guild's Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt as TV's Son of TV's Frank, Kinga's henchman, who are both prominently featured in the trailer as well.

Sadly, there's no sight of guest stars such as Mark Hamill, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Joel McHale, Bill Hader and Jerry Seinfeld, who are all supposed to pop up at some point throughout the season. However, there will probably be another trailer that debuts online as the premiere date of the new MST3K season gets closer.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be available on Netflix in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland starting April 14, 2017. In the meantime, don't forget there are 20 classic episodes of the original show available on Netflix right now.

Mystery Science Theater 3000's national broadcast life began in 1989. Set on the Satellite of Love where a human host is trapped by mad scientists with his two robot sidekicks and forced to watch an endless run of B movies. The format proved to be popular, and during its eleven years and 198 episodes on the Comedy Channel and Sci-Fi Channel, it attained a loyal fan base and critical acclaim, including a Peabody Award and two Emmys nominations.

A Kickstarter starter campaign, spearheaded by original creator Joel nd Shout! Factory, surpassed the goal of funding the production of 14 new episodes and set the world record as the highest-funded film and TV crowdfunding campaign in history.