Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Be In 'John Wick 3,' So Someone Should Make That Happen

Normally, "Actor A Wants to be in Franchise B" stories aren't worth the digital ink or the imaginary paper they're printed on. However, it's not every day that Samuel L. Jackson says he loves the John Wick series and wants to be in the third movie. After all, this is the kind of thing we could actually see happen and a boon for the people who actually make these movies. Is there anyone in the world, filmmaker or viewer, who wouldn't want to see Jackson strut into the world of John Wick and do this thing? No. Of course not. C'mon.

Film journalist Simon Thompson was a recent guess on the Meet the Movie Press show (via ScreenRant), where he shared a story about meeting with Jackson. While discussing the possibility of a Nick Fury solo movie, the Oscar-nominated star of Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, Kong: Skull Island, and about one out of every five movies in existence went out of his way to talk about John Wick instead. And he really wants to be in John Wick 3. Here's Thompson:

He actually was less interested in that than he was in an idea he floated with me, and he's floated it with me twice now. He wants to do, over a Nick Fury movie, John Wick 3 with Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves. He absolutely loves the John Wick movies. He wants in. He doesn't want in, he wants in with a capital IN. Seriously, I think he will do whatever he needs to do to get in on John Wick 3.

So many quotes about actors wanting to be in certain movies are pipe dreams. How many times has an actor talked about playing a superhero, only for everyone (including them, probably) to quickly note that it's never going to happen? But Samuel L. Jackson in John Wick 3 is a totally achievable dream, especially since one of this series' chief appeals is how it packs countless bonafide cinematic badasses into as many scenes as possible. The violent, weird, borderline mythologic world of John Wick already benefits from surrounding Keanu Reeves with as many dynamic and fun character actors as possible, so why not put Reeves' laconic deadpan against Jackson's trademark "human fireworks" approach to acting? That sounds like magic.

John Wick 3 hasn't been officially announced yet, but the remarkable second film has made over $150 million worldwide. A third (and possibly final) film is almost surely going to happen at this point. And if sheer volume will help Jackson land a role in the next movie...well, we've done our part.

You can watch Thompson's story at the 41:00 mark in the video below.