More 'The Predator' Victims, Er, Cast Members Revealed In New Photo

Last month, filming on The Predator commenced and director Shane Black revealed our first look at the cast. It was a impressive line-up of folks – this could be the most talented group of people to ever get picked off one-by-one by a powerful alien who intends to mount their skulls on the wall of its spaceship.

Now, Black has shared another image from the set and it features a few actors who weren't present for the initial group photograph. Specifically, it offers our first look at the characters played by Thomas Jane and Alfie Allen.

Black, fresh off Iron Man 3 (one of the best superhero movies ever made, don't @ me) and The Nice Guys (one of last year's most entertaining movies, don't @ me unless you've seen it), shared the image on Twitter with a bad joke and a promise:

This isn't the first time Black has specifically referred to his characters as killers, which certainly suggests that this crew isn't just a team of a victims walking into the slaughter. They're armed and dangerous and possibly fully prepared for the fight that lies ahead. They may not be packing heat in this new image, but the first photo featured its fair share of military hardware.

So, Who Dies First?

Since Black asks the question in his tweet, it would only be polite to answer. Which member of the this crew of "stone killers" gets eviscerated first? Since I previously ranked the cast's chances of survival based on totally arbitrary reasons, it's time for a quick update.

Not dying first: Thomas Jane, seen sitting in the back of the bus. He's almost surely going to perish during the course of the movie since he wasn't in that first photo, which implies that he may not be as central to the plot as the likes of Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Sterling K. Brown, and the fearsome Jacob Tremblay. Maybe he'll just want this kids back? Anyway, he'll die, but he won't be the first to go.

Absolutely, positively guaranteed to die first: Alfie Allen, seen sitting in the front left of the photo. Allen has defined himself as modern genre cinema's punching bag: no character on Game of Thrones has suffered as much as his Theon Greyjoy and John Wick used him perfectly as one of the most punchable villains in action movie history. Plus, the way he's showing off with that deck of cards screams "Douchebag who dies first just to get the ball rolling." Plus, Allen joined the cast very late in the game, after filming had commenced, which suggests his role is minor.

The Predator will open on February 9, 2018.