'Moana' Honest Trailer: Making Fun Of Disney's Tropes While Still Being Guilty Of Them

As the weather starts to warm up with spring just around the corner, you couldn't ask for a better time for Disney's most recent animated musical to be available on home video.

Moana takes us to the South Pacific to follow an independent, strong young girl who wants nothing more than to set sail on the ocean and voyage towards the unknown. It's a movie that pokes fun at all of the usual tropes you find in Disney movies, though it also adheres to almost every single one of them. That doesn't mean it's not good, but it does make it a prime target for some lighthearted jabs by the folks at Honest Trailers.

Watch the Moana Honest Trailer after the jump.

Honest Trailers has been all about delivering song parodies in their recent videos, and this one is no different, with three different parodies of songs from Moana, including one that calls out the fact that Dwayne Johnson clearly doesn't have the best singing voice.

While Honest Trailers purports to be perplexed by Moana's ocean powers, I think it's pretty clear that she doesn't have any ocean powers herself, but it's the spirit of the ocean that's helping her. I will concede that it does seem rather strange that the ocean is so keen on helping Moana when she needs it the most, but doesn't seem to care about tossing her around a couple times elsewhere in the movie. But I guess it's all part of the adventure in the end.

If you missed Moana in theaters and you're not sure if you should check it out, you can read my review right here.