'Deadpool 2' Teaser Trailer Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Last week, 20th Century Fox surprised us with a Deadpool 2 teaser trailer attached to Logan. Entitled "Deadpool: No Good Dead," the three and a half minute short film follows Ryan Reynolds, reprising his role as Wade Wilson (AKA Deadpool), as he tries to save someone being robbed in an alley. You might have missed some of the fun references that filmmaker David Leitch and crew helped hide in the video, so let's run down the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer easter eggs.

Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Easter Eggs

deadpool 2 trailer

The Music

The Deadpool 2 teaser trailer begins with Wade Wilson strolling along, listening to music on his headphones. In the online version, the song playing is John Parr's theme from St. Elmo's Fire / Man in Motion. The theatrical version has a different song for whatever reason (maybe rights costs?) – Juice Newton's Angel in the Morning. This is, of course, the song that is used in the opening for the original Deadpool film.


Royal Diner

As we pan around Wade Wilson, we see the Royal Diner in the background, a restaurant frequented on the show Bones. The series shoots on Stage 9 at 20th Century Fox Studios and is broadcast on Fox. This is probably less of a reference and just the result of shooting the teaser trailer on the backlot at Fox. This isn't the first time this location has been used in other productions.

deadpool 2 teaser trailer phone booth

The Superman Phone Booth Change

Deadpool decides to intervene and help the man in trouble, racing for a phone booth with John Williams' iconic Superman theme from Richard Donner's classic film playing in the background. This is one of the more obvious references, parodying the way Clark Kent often changed into his Superman costume in the movies and comics.

You might be wondering how Fox was able to obtain the rights to music from a DC comic book movie, and while we don't know for sure, it's worth pointing out that Donner's wife, Lauren Shuler Donner, is a producer on Deadpool and the other X-Men movies.

deadpool 2 teaser trailer logan


While Hugh Jackman doesn't appear in the footage as originally speculated, the title of his new movie, Logan, appears in the background, playing at a one-screen movie theater that doesn't seem to be open.



On the phone booth, we can see writing that says "Nathan Summers coming soon." This is a reference to X-Men character Cable, another character who will appear on the big screen in Deadpool 2.

Nathan Summers is the son of the Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone) from a possible future timeline. He was transported as an infant to the future, where he grew into a warrior, before returning to the present to get involved in all kinds of X-Men adventures.



Inside the phone booth, we see the word "Hope," which could be a reference to Hope Summers from Messiah Complex, the first mutant born after Marvel's House of M/Decimation storylines. Decimation was a comic book event that involved Scarlet Witch using her reality-altering superpower to turn all but 198 of the world's mutants into regular, depowered humans.

Hope's name also can be seen in the graffiti in the next shot as well. So whether it's a reference to a mutant or just the feeling of hope, "Hope" hangs all over the background of this Deadpool 2 teaser trailer.



When Wade finally comes bursting out of the phone booth in his Deadpool costume, we see some Firefly posters in the background, hanging in a store window. Some fans are speculating that this may be a hint that Nathan Fillion is in the running to play Cable or someone else in Deadpool 2, but I think it's just because Fillion co-starred with Reynolds in Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place and that Fox owns the rights to the series, which makes this poster poster a cheap background prop.

deadpool 2 Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee has a cameo in nearly every Marvel movie, and he pops in for a quick appearance in this teaser. He yells to Deadpool, telling him that he has a nice suit, although we've heard that Stan Lee recorded a variety of different lines for the teaser including "Hey, aren't you Ryan Gosling?"


Logan Poster

As Deadpool runs from the phone booth to the rescue, we see him move past a poster for the movie Logan, which is hanging on the wall of the movie theater we saw previously.


Cherry Garcia

The teaser ends with Deadpool popping open a tub of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, an ice cream that is named after the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. This isn't a direct joke or reference, just a pop culture reference that is recognizable by many viewers (and therefore totally in Deadpool's wheelhouse).


The Old Man and the Sea

The Deadpool 2 teaser trailer concludes with a fast text scroll showing us the synopsis of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea as written by Deadpool. Thankfully, that scrolling text has been transcribed by Comic Book:

The Old Man and the Sea is the story of a fight between an elderly, accomplished fisherman, Santiago, and a really big fish. Like... HUGE. The story opens with Santiago suffering eighty-four days without catching a fish because he's the unluckiest son-of-a-bitch on planet earth. Honestly, if you were in a boat for eighty-four days, it'd be hard to NOT catch a fish... even by accident. Santiago was so unlucky that his apprentice, Manolin, was forbidden by his Ma and Pa to fish with him. But as The Fresh Prince used to say, 'Parents Just Don't Understand'. So the boy visits Santiago's shack anyway.

Ignoring the inherent risks of unsupervised playtime with an elderly man who talks to himself, Manolin helps out, moving Santiago's fishing gear, making food and talking about baseball. Especially Joe DiMaggio; who used to bump fuzzies with Marilyn Monroe. The next day, Santiago tells Manolin that he's going way out into the Gulf Stream. WAY OUT north of Cuba. Lady luck is returning!

On the eighty-fifth day of his crappy luck, Santiago drops his lines, and by noon, gets a bite from what feels like a big ass fish. He's sure it's a winner. He fights and fights and fights but can't pull the monster in. Santiago's leaky old boat is pulled by the fish for two days and nights as he holds on for dear life. Even though he's bloody and beat, Santiago begins to appreciate this mighty adversary. He starts calling him "brother" or maybe even, "bro." It's sort of a love story if you really think about it. And like most romantic comedies, the reader pictures a delightful outfit changing montage, followed by the inevitable interspecies wedding.

But on the third day, Santiago is freakin' EXHAUSTED, and decides he just wants the fish to do what he says and not always swim wherever it wants. So he stabs it. With a f*cking harpoon. It's a mess. Super gross. Blood everywhere. Because, like many men his age, Santiago has difficulty expressing his emotions and fears with words — instead giving in to base desires — and imposing his gigantically terrible positions on any given subject through unblinking violence. Typical.

Anyway, he straps the marlin to the side of his skiff and hits the road home, ready to act like a total show off to everyone and probably gouge people on the price. But guess what? Pretty soon sharks begin to attack the bleeding marlin's carcass, because we all know, life is a tragic opera and just when you think you've finally found something good and true, sharks come along and rip it all to f*cking shreds while dry-humping your dignity with their crazy-weird shark dicks. Sure, Santiago tries killing a few of them, but drops his harpoon because his hands are just as old as he is. By nighttime, the sharks have pretty much eaten the entire marlin.

Only a bleach-white skeleton remains, silently mocking him in the murky darkness. Santiago realizes he's still unlucky. REALLY unlucky. (Duh!) He calls the sharks "dream killers". Which isn't really all that fair. I mean, the sharks were just doing their job and the marlin... Jesus, don't even get me started on the marlin! It was just hanging out one day, minding it's own business, maybe thinking about ways it could be a better provider for it's family and WHAM! Harpoon in the brain. Who's the "dream killer" now, f*ckface? The hypocrisy is pretty much boundless at this point.

Eventually Santiago makes it ashore. Leaving the bones of the marlin and the boat, he hobbles to his shack. He makes it home and crashes, like I said — he's super tired. The next morning a group of fishermen gather around Santiago's boat. One measures the skeleton and, holy sh*t-shingles! It's over 18 feet! The head of the fish is given to Pedrico (strange that this is the first mention of him) and the other fishermen ask Manolin to send their glad tidings to the old man.

Manolin brings Santiago newspapers and coffee when he wakes and they decide to fish together again. Many years later, there's a Red Lobster Restaurant in nearly every city in America, offering a casual dining experience and convenient parking.