VOTD: 'Batman V Superman' VFX Reel Highlights The Details Of The Epic Final Battle

We've already seen plenty of in-depth looks at the visual effects of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but one more couldn't hurt. This time, a new VFX reel comes to us from MPC. Unlike the previous reels we've seen, most of the work completed by the post-production company dealt with the titular battle between The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. This includes digital doubles, fully computer generated environments and more. Their work also included part of the fight between Wonder Woman and Doomsday.

Watch the Batman v Superman visual effects reel from MPC after the jump.

This was the first time that I actually appreciated just how intricate the visual effects for Batman v Superman really were. They don't always look stellar, but since so much emphasis is placed on the action, you forget just how much work goes into the background. With all the fires, embers and debris that's situated all around Doomsday throughout the entire battle, there are a lot of moving pieces at place in any given shot.

In addition, I'm always surprised to see how much is actually real on the set. More often than not, there are far less real setpieces than you think. Case in point, I thought at least some of the environment surrounding Wonder Woman in that shot where Doomsday knocks her backward was tangible on a soundstage. But it was all green screen work.

As for the digital doubles of Batman and Superman, they're not quite as good as those that were created for Doctor Strange, but there's still some outstanding work done by MPC here.