'Wonder Woman' Character Breakdown: Meet All The Key Players In This Origin Story

Having seen 16 minutes of Wonder Woman, as well as a presentation of the events in the first act of the film, we finally have a good idea of what all the key players in the film are doing. Obviously there's our superheroine Diana Prince, but there are also the Amazons who raised her, a few villains, some helpful heroes, and more.

We've put together a Wonder Woman character breakdown based on what we've learned about the movie so far, including some speculation on what might be in store for a couple of the characters.

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Diana Prince (Gal Gadot)

Since a young age, she has longed to be a warrior, though her mother, Queen Hippolyta attempted to hold her back from training. Once she's a grown woman, she becomes committed to protecting the innocent, fighting for peace, and restoring love in the world by stopping Ares from influencing mankind to wage war against each other.

Diana is everything you would hope for in a hero and more, and she's also the only Amazon woman to exhibit godlike powers such as superhuman strength, speed and even a powerful energy that she can use to blast away enemies. She has courage, power, wonder, beauty, grace and love. She's admirable but accessible, and she's also vulnerable as she enters the world of men for the first time, looking for Ares at the heart of the war.

Wonder Woman - Chris Pine

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine)

An American pilot working undercover for the British Allied Forces who is trying to get German intelligence about a new weapon of mass destruction back to his superiors. He's a hero in his own right, enormously courageous, rogue-ish, but also a jaded realist. Even so, he knows the world deserves to be saved and that there's goodness in humanity. Director Patty Jenkins adds, "It was super important to me that there be a Steve Trevor who we truly loved, who we truly needed, who made us laugh, who made us feel stronger, who was a great partner on the ride, but let Wonder Woman become the great Wonder Woman she needed to be."

Wonder Woman - Connie Nielsen

Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen)

The Queen of the Amazons, a strong and deadly warrior leading the civilization created by Zeus. She's responsible for freeing the Amazons from their enslavement by mankind. As her daughter Diana grows up, she attempts to protect her from a life of battle, but eventually comes around to the idea that she should be trained, and she should be trained so that no one can defeat her. Hippolyta isn't keen to help Steve Trevor get back to the war, nor does she want Diana to take up the charge to find Ares, who they believe is at the center of World War I. She has also held back a key piece of her daughter's life, something that has to do with Ares, the god of war.

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Antiope (Robin Wright) and Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli)

Antiope is the General of the Amazon army and Hippolyta's sister and  she is a fierce woman on the battlefield. While Hippolyta tries to keep Diana from engaging in training for battle, Antiope takes the young girl under her wing and trains her in secret. She pushes Diana to her limits, helping her discover the dormant godlike powers that lie inside her.

Menalippe is a Lieutenant of the Amazon army and the second of Hippolyta's sisters. She is another in the long line of ancient warriors created by Zeus and tasked with keeping Ares in check.

Wonder Woman - Danny Huston

General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston)

A rogue officer in the German army with his own agenda, General Ludendorff is doing everything in his power to ensure that Germany does not give up the war by signing the armistice with the Allied forces. Meanwhile, he's working with a mad scientist named Doctor Maru to create a gas weapon of mass destruction that he intends to drop on the frontlines whenever it's ready. There may be more than meets the eye to General Ludendorff, as Doctor Maru has created some kind of gas treatment to increase his strength.

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Doctor Maru (Elena Anaya)

A mad scientist who is General Ludendorff's right-hand woman, she is quite experience and deadly when it comes to poison gas. Her face is covered by a porcelain mask from an unknown injury, and her voice is breathy and wispy, giving her a haunting presence. She's dedicated to Ludendorff's cause, though she's not as confident that they will succeed in their plans.

Wonder Woman - Lucy Davis

Etta Candy (Lucy Davis)

Steve Trevor's whip-smart secretary who is bubbly and energetic, she finds herself smitten with Diana's confidence and spirit. She provides some comic relief and moments of levity in between the harsh realities of war.

David Thewlis - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis)

A member of the war council who we meet as he is passionately speaking about peace and signing the armistice. When Steve and Diana show up with news of General Ludendorff's plan for attack, he supports them, but no one else on the Allied forces is willing to jeopardize the peace process to end the war. This may seem to contradict the previous report we heard about David Thewlis playing Ares, but if you take a look at our theory about the villain, there's a chance that this key figure in the war could still become Ares. (Note: the picture above is not from Wonder Woman as an image of David Thewlis in the movie hasn't been officially revealed yet. The image is from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.)

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Charlie (Ewen Bremner), Sameer (Said Taghmaoui), and Chief (Eugene Brave Rock)

Charlie is one of the trusted reinforcements Steve Trevor brings in on the rogue mission to stop General Ludendorff's impending attack. He's a heavy drinker, shell-shocked by war with some post-traumatic stress, but still generally a cheerful guy. His specialty is sharpshooting.

Sameer is another in the small batch of Steve Trevor's trusted allies. He is flirtatious and charming, and he can also speak multiple languages. But his most valuable asset is that he's a master of disguise.

Chief is the final of Steve Trevor's helpful friends. He is an expert tradesman, which means he knows how to move people and goods through dangerous territory, especially the frontlines of World War I.

Wonder Woman - Who is Playing Ares in Wonder Woman?

Ares (Unknown)

This is the wild card character of Wonder Woman. We know that Ares is responsible for killing all the gods, including his father Zeus, convincing mankind to enslave the Amazons, and he seems to be the reason World War I is happening to begin with. He can only be killed by the sword known as the Godkiller, given to the Amazons as a gift by Zeus. In his final battle with his father, Ares was injured severely, leaving him weakened. We think there's a chance that in his weakened state, he's taken to inhabiting the bodies of humans and has been influencing the war in that way. You can read more about our theory on that matter right here.


That's everything we know about these key characters in Wonder Woman. This is all based on the 16 minutes of footage shown to us at Warner Bros. post-production facility in London, as well as the story presentation running through the first act of the movie. There may be more to see soon with a new Wonder Woman trailer on the way with Kong: Skull Island this week, so stay tuned for more soon.