LOL: Now We Finally Know What R2-D2 Has Been Saying In 'Star Wars'

Even though there are plenty of droids in the Star Wars universe who can talk, apparently it's more efficient for astromech models like R2-D2 to speak by way of a series of bleeps and bloops. Thankfully, whenever C-3PO gets pissy with his counterpart, he reacts in such a way that we know what the feisty little droid says. Even human characters can understand his unique droid language. And now we, the audience, can too.

Auralnauts, the creators behind the hilarious video of Kylo Ren reacting to the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer, have put together a reel of every single scene where R2-D2 speaks in Star Wars: A New Hope and dubbed over his lines with dialogue. It adds a whole new perspective to the droids personality and his interaction with various characters.

Watch the video of R2-D2 lines dubbed in Star Wars after the jump.

The video doesn't do anything completely unexpected, and it's actually kind of refreshing that the dubbed dialogue didn't go over the top by making R2-D2 extremely profane or anything like that. It's rather dry, but that's what makes it funny, especially when referencing things like the fact that his rocket boosters don't work anymore, or being unable to believe that Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn't remember him at all (around the 9-minute mark) after the various times he saved his life across the span of four movies. Since no one seems to give the little guy credit where credit's due, it's no wonder R2 is a little surly in his later years.

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