2017 Oscars Honest Trailer: Sadsville, Snot Acting & Hollywood Handjobs

The Oscars will be handed out this coming Sunday to honor some of the best achievements in film from the year 2016. Of course, the Oscars aren't necessarily always an indication of the absolute best movies from the preceding year, if only because there's a lot of politics and money involved, making it impossible for some deserving films to get nominated. And to make sure we don't forget that the crop of Best Picture nominees this year are not safe from criticism, Honest Trailers has decided to poke fun at every single one of them.

Watch the 2017 Oscars Honest Trailer after the jump.

The jabs at Lion seem a little weak, but it does seem to be the movie that general audiences know the least about. But it's in theaters everywhere right now since it landed that Best Picture nomination, so you should seek it out immediately. If I had been able to see it before the end of they year, it might have made my Top 10 at the time.

Otherwise, the punches through at the likes of La La Land, Hidden Figures and Hacksaw Ridge are right on the money, especially the fake titles for them. It's clear there's a lot of material for each one of these movies to get more properly lampooned by a full Honest Trailer whenever they come out on home video.

We'll be live-blogging the Oscars this weekend, so come back here as the winners are announced and stay tuned for our live commentary and maybe even some live-tweeting from some of the /Film crew.