New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Details Tease Finn's Mission And A Certain Cameo

Just the other day, we were talking about the arid, empty, Tusken Raider-inhabited planet that is Star Wars movie news in February 2017 – it's a bit of a wasteland out there. And right on cue, the universe has delivered some new Star Wars: The Last Jedi material for us to sink our teeth into. Specifically, it deals with a new spaceship, a certain cameo, and the nature of Finn's mission in the film. If you want to know as little as possible about Rian Johnson's follow-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this is probably your cue to seek some other kind of movie news diversion. .

Still with us? Ok, cool. Glad you could make it.

As is often the case with the biggest Star Wars news, this story comes to us from Making Star Wars, who have broken their fair share of accurate stories in the past. Still, take all of this with a grain of salt until you're actually sitting in the theater.

First up, their report describes the latest ship in the First Order fleet – the new Super Star Destroyer. And like much of the technology seen in The Force Awakens, it sounds like a more streamlined (sexier?) version of what came before:

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi there is going to be a First Order Super Star Destroyer. However, it isn't like the ones we saw during the Empire's era. The First Order Super Star Destroyer is huge, yes, but is just a triangle-shaped wedge. The classic Super Star Destroyer was a wedge with a city built on it in no uncertain terms. This is just a gigantic huge wedge, solid, and dark. I speculate this is the main command ship of the First Order in The Last Jedi. It appears Finn will end up on this ship as part of his mission.

The article elaborates on what Finn (once again played by the lovely John Boyega) may doing on the Star Destroyer, noting that he'll be undercover as a First Order officer and possibly working to plant explosives with the help of Kelly Marie Tran's character. They also note that the Star Destroyer will be orbiting a planet that sounds an awful lot like that new planet that could be the First Order headquarters.

Making Star Wars also notes that it is here that one of the film's long-rumored cameos will come to pass: Tom Hardy will play a Stormtrooper who recognizes Finn and thinks his former co-worker has received a promotion and isn't, you know, an undercover Resistance operative. This continues "famous British movie star plays a Stormtrooper in a comedy scene" trend that began with The Force Awakens, which saw a masked Daniel Craig getting Jedi mind tricked by Daisy Ridley's Rey.

But like we said: grain of salt. Follow the link above for more details and get comfortable – Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn't hit theaters until December 15, 2017.