'Shrek' Honest Trailer: A Parody Of Disney Tropes That's Full Of Disney Tropes

Last month, Screen Junkies decided to give their fans the power of voting for which Honest Trailers hit the web all through January. We're well into February now, but we wanted to make sure that we highlighted the movie that fans wanted to see get skewered the most, and you might be surprised as to what came out on top.

Shrek was the movie that fans wanted Screen Junkies to give the Honest Trailers treatment to the most, and they definitely come through with flying colors by delivering an amusing parody of Smash Mouth's hit song "All Star" from the film's soundtrack. It's not quite as cool as Michael Bolton showing up in the Honest Trailer for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but it'll do for now.

Watch the Shrek Honest Trailer after the jump.

Since Shrek is 16 years old now, the jab about the animation looking like it's not fully rendered yet is a bit of a cheap shot. The movie looked incredible at the time it was made, but there has been so much advancement in such a short amount of time that of course it's going to look dated.

The one part of the Honest Trailer that hit the nail on the head is when the snarky voiceover guy tries to figure out what the lesson of Shrek actually is, and basically comes up empty handed. But hey, the good guys win and Lord Farquaad ends up getting eaten by a dragon, so it's all fine.