VOTD: 'Back To The Future' Video Compares All Five Versions Of Hill Valley Side-By-Side

Anyone who is a fan of the Back the Future trilogy knows that there are plenty of visual and narrative parallels shared between the three films. One of the most obvious examples is when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) walks into the town square of Hill Valley. Throughout the course of the film franchise, Marty enters three versions of his hometown that are very different from the one he's used to early in the first film.

A new video essay takes footage from these sequences in Back to the Future and compares all five versions of Hill Valley side-by-side. The parallels aren't anything new, but there is something very cool about seeing the footage compared side-by-side so you can see just how similar the Hill Valley sequences are.

Watch the Back to the Future Hill Valley comparison video after the jump.

It's stuff like this that makes the Back to the Future films a near-perfect trilogy. It's not quite as astounding as it would be if the second and third movies weren't shot back-to-back (which is why we get a teaser for Back to the Future Part III at the end of Back to the Future Part II). But even so, the parallels between the first and second movie are also rather impressive. That's just the genius of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

This video has been floating around since September of 2015, just before the world celebrated Back to the Future Day in October of 2015. But there was so much celebration of the film franchise then that this might have gone under the radar for many fans, so we figured it couldn't hurt to highlight, even though it's over a year later.