Jacob Tremblay Will Beat The Crap Out Of Aliens In 'The Predator'

Shane Black's The Predator has been building one hell of an ensemble over the past few months, with Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown and Thomas Jane all assembling to take on that iconic alien hunter. But if you look at that cast and note that it's missing a real heavy-hitter, a true tough guy who can take on the Predator in hand-to-hand combat à la Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 original, just know that this particular gap is about to be filled.Jacob Tremblay has joined the cast of The Predator.

Tremblay is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene, but his hard-living ways have already left behind a trail of carnage and devastation that must be seen to be believed. The only reason he didn't get an Oscar nomination for his work in 2015's Room was because the establishment fears what that kind of recognition would do to him. I'm reminded of how actor Sonny Landham had a bodyguard on the set of the original Predator, not because he needed the protection, but because others would need the protection from him. Hopefully, Black and his team are taking similar precautions with Tremblay.

The Hollywood Reporter doesn't specifically mention that The Predator will feature a scene where Tremblay grabs and alien by its mandibles and crushes its skull into a green, gloppy pulp, but you just know that's going to happen. Why else would you cast Jacob Tremblay in your science fiction action movie? Here's what they do say about his character:

Tremblay will play the son of Holbrook's character, an ex-Marine who discovers the existence of fierce aliens but finds that no one believes they exist. The son is autistic and bullied in school but becomes a key player in the fight due to his preternatural ability to learn languages.

As much as I fear Tremblay, I can't help but admire him. He's tremendous in Room, where he's tasked with providing the film's unique, innocent perspective on a series of twisted events. It's through his eyes that we witness Brie Larson's Oscar-winning performance.

Jacob Tremblay will be seen next in Wonder and The Book of Henry. No mortal human can stop him.