LOL: Aziz Ansari Didn't Love 'La La Land', Pissing Off Some Cops On 'Saturday Night Live'

Every weekend that there's a new episode of Saturday Night Live, we have a recap and review of every sketch from the show from yours truly. However, since I'm currently in Park City, Utah with our own Peter Sciretta and Angie Han covering the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, it just wasn't possible to make it happen this weekend. But there was still one sketch that we couldn't resist pointing out.

La La Land has plenty of buzz right now, especially after winning a record-setting number of Golden Globes earlier this month. However, the movie that started off by being endlessly praised is already getting some backlash from those who don't like it as much as its most passionate supporters and fans. One of those people who didn't fall for La La Land as hard as people like me was this past weekend's SNL host Aziz Ansari, and gets a pretty intense police interrogation because of it.

Watch the Saturday Night Live La La Land sketch after the jump.

These are some of the exact spats and heated conversations that have been popping up on social media as the lovers and haters of this movie try to argue about it. As someone who counted La La Land as my favorite film of 2016, I can see why some people don't like it. Some don't like musicals, others think that it feels like artificial nostalgia, and some just don't understand what all the fuss is about in general. And that's totally fine. There's no reason for cinephiles to be at each others' throats about it.

Anyway, maybe now we can stop this pointless fighting about La La Land.