'Clowntergeist' Trailer: Yes, That Is The Title Of This Motion Picture

The title of this movie is Clowntergeist and it is a horror movie about an evil clown. Specifically, it is a horror movie about a clown that is possessed by a demon and stalks around a small town, leaving messages on balloons informing his victims exactly when he will kill them. It seems to contain shades of The Ring, It, and Poltergeist. It looks, by design, completely absurd and possibly very bad. It also looks like it could be, under the right circumstances, kind of fun? Maybe? You can watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

I'm going to share an anecdote now (and you can feel free to skim right down the video embed and watch the trailer, if you'd like). Roughly once a week, my wife and I break out the alcohol, fire up the PlayStation 4, and pick a streaming service to scour for horror movies. Anything is game and movies with ridiculous titles and premises often end up at the top of the queue. We have to watch any movie we pick for at least 20 minutes and after that point, we both have to agree to turn off the movie if it's a huge pile of crap (which is often the case). Sometimes, we stumble across legit masterpieces like The Legend of Hell House or uncomfortable minor gems like Christopher Smith's Creep. Most of the time, we can't hit stop fast enough before moving on to another movie.

Clowntergeist looks destined to be a movie that we start watching as a lark at 1:30 in the morning and turn off at the 20-minute mark. And between that title and that poster (which you can see below), I wouldn't be surprised if getting on Netflix is the only goal of everyone involved. I mean, the movie is called Clowntergeist. That's Sharknado-level shamelessness.

Maybe I'm being unfair? Clowntergeist is the feature debut of director Aaron Mirtes, who has a number of shorts under his belt, and maybe he's a talent to watch! Maybe the final movie isn't as awkward as this trailer, with its stiff acting and generic scares. Maybe the chief villain being named "Ribcage the Clown" (seriously) plays better in context? Maybe I'll hit play on this one and feel compelled to watch until the very end! I would want nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised by this one, mainly because I know I'm destined to watch it at some point.

Anyway, between this, 31, Clown, and the upcoming remake of It, it's starting to look like clowns are ready to give witches a run for their money when it comes to the next big horror trend.

clowntergiest trailer