'Power Rangers': Check Out The New Version Of The Putty Patrollers

Despite the existence of a longer teaser trailer, we still haven't seen any footage from the new Power Rangers movie that shows the titular heroes suited up in their colored gear. Furthermore, the only villain we've seen on-screen is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, but only taunting one of the Rangers as they lie in bed. In fact, the best glimpses that we've gotten of the villains have come in the form of the upcoming toys from the movie, and another has just been revealed.

In the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series, Rita Repulsa consistently sent a batch of clay being known as Putty Patrollers to cause trouble for our heroes. They were pretty stupid, but gave just enough trouble to the multi-colored team to keep them busy for a little while. Now we have confirmation that they'll be appearing in the movie, but they've been given a bit of a makeover.

See the new Power Rangers Putty Patrollers after the jump.

Here are two images of the Putty Patrollers action figure from Toys R Us:

Now this is actually one of the redesigns that I think works pretty well. The action figure is rather lame, but if you look at the design of the Putty, it appears to have been made out of construction material, perhaps a building or a road. You can see pieces of rebar sticking out of the Putty, which implies that the Putty is made of cement. Compare that design to those from the original series:

The original Putty Patrollers were made of clay and put into a monster machine that made them come to life. But as you can see, they were hardened and tough when fighting the Rangers, so this isn't a drastic departure from their original design. At the very least, this redesign is much better than the new Goldar (which is super gold and resembles the form of the new Megazord for some reason too).

The question is whether or not the Power Rangers will be fighting multiple Putty Patrollers as they did in the original series or if maybe this is one larger Putty that Rita brings in to fight the teenagers.

But an even bigger question is why we're just two and a half months out from seeing Power Rangers hit theaters and we haven't seen footage of our superheroes in their full gear with finished visual effects. Could there be trouble behind the scenes in getting the movie ready for theaters? Why else would all our first looks come from toys like this without any official photos showing off these villains, or even more of the Power Rangers themselves?

As of now, Power Rangers is still scheduled for release on March 24.