'Between Us' Trailer: Ben Feldman & Olivia Thirlby Struggle With The Forever Part Of Marriage

Romance is a staple of cinema. But while movies about love have often painted a portrait of happily ever after, some filmmakers have decided to deliver more realistic portrayals of romance — the good and the bad, the whimsical and the disappointing. Between Us is another one of those films.

The indie romance from Mexican director Rafael Palacio Illingworth focuses on Ben Feldman (Superstore) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno), a couple that has been together for six years and feels the pressure of settling down so much that they decide, perhaps too fleetingly, to tie the knot. They soon find that the "forever" part of their marriage vows is more of a struggle than they anticipated.

Watch the Between Us trailer after the jump.

The film received pretty good reviews after playing at Tribeca, with one from IndieWire saying:

While Feldman, and particularly Thirbly do the best with the uneven, sometimes melodramatic material they are given, "Between Us" is an undeniably realistic film about love and commitment, as well as the push and pull dynamics of those two concepts against each other.

Indie romances like this are a dime a dozen, but there at least the performances from Feldman and Thirlby do feel genuine, which could make the film feel less derivative. Plus, there's Adam Goldberg and Analeigh Tipton (the latter looking much different than we've seen her before) as the supporting cast members who begin to stir up conflicted feelings in our lead characters.

The rest of the cast includes Betsy Brandt, Scott Haze, Peter Bogdanovich, and Lesley Ann Warren, the latter of which could lend some weight to characters that otherwise may not command so much attention.

A long-term relationship threatens to implode over the course of one tumultuous night. After six years together, thirty-something couple Henry (Ben Feldman) and Dianne (Olivia Thirlby) find themselves caught between their fears of commitment and societal pressure to settle down and marry. An impulsive decision and a surprise revelation send each into an emotional tailspin. Heading out into the LA night, both Henry and Dianne encounter strangers—he a free-spirited rocker (Adam Goldberg), she a charming artist (Analeigh Tipton)—who offer the possibility of new romantic thrills. The choices each makes will determine what—if anything—will be left of their relationship come morning

Between Us hits limited theaters and VOD on January 6, 2017.