Watch: Bruce Willis Is On The Run Again In 'Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce 2'

You might remember back in 2013, an editor by the name of Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat put together a movie mash-up called Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce. The nearly 10 minute short cleverly edited 39 movies together to make it seem as if Bruce Willis was a target in every single one of them. And now there's a sequel.

Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce 2 does the exact same thing that the first movie mash-up did, but like any good sequel, it ups the ante by having the hunt for Bruce Willis span 53 movies this time. Watch it below!

While the opening is perfect, after Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element wakes up from his western dream, the detour phone call with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street feels a little too far out of left field to really work. But after that, the mash-up picks up speed again as Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading is employed as an asset by David Straithairn in The Bourne Ultimatum, and tracked by Seth Green and Jamie Kennedy in Enemy of the State. Eventually even Iron Man gets in on the hunt, and Bruce Willis even has a face-off with his Pulp Fiction co-star Samuel L. Jackson.

This is such a well-done mash-up, it's actually better than some feature length action movies in recent memory, especially some of Bruce Willis' recent movies. It makes me wonder how easily something like this could be done with other action stars like Tom Cruise or Jason Statham. Maybe there's an ongoing series here that we can enjoy for years to come. But considering it took three years for this sequel to come about, I don't know if Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat has the time to make something like that happen.