Which Actor Has Died The Most On Screen? It's Surprisingly Not Sean Bean

Dying on screen can be an honor for an actor or actress. Lord of the Rings star Sean Bean has even become known for the frequency with which he has died on film throughout his career. However, one does not simply assume that he is the actor who has died the most in film and television. In fact, there are a few actors who came out above him when one dedicated cinephile decided to find out which actor has died the most on screen.

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Here's the chart creating by Nerdist showing the top 39 actors and actresses who have died the most:

Which Actor Dies the Most On Screen

As you can see, classic horror actors Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi have come out above Sean Bean, rather significantly too with 10 or more deaths above the National Treasure actor. However, the actor who comes out on top by far is veteran actor John Hurt. Since his career started in 1962, John Hurt has died 43 times on screen. Here's a list of all the titles featuring his death:

The Wild and the Willing

Sinful Davey

A Man for All Seasons

10 Rillington Place

The Ghoul East of Elephant Rock



The Elephant Man

Heaven's Gate

The Osterman Weekend

The Hit

After Darkness

The Black Cauldron

Jake Speed




Little Sweetheart


L'Oeil qui ment


Even Cowgirls Get the Blues


The Climb

All the Little Animals

You're Dead

Lost Souls




The Proposition

V for Vendetta



An Englishman in New York


Whistle and I'll Come To You

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Only Lovers Left Alive



I, Claudius

However, even though Sean Bean hasn't died the most on screen by sheer number of deaths, he does have he #1 death per film ratio. Sean Bean as 0.32 deaths per film while the next in line would be John Hurt with 0.31 deaths per film, tied with Mickey Rourke.

So even though Sean Bean has become a movie death punchline, now we know that he hasn't actually died the most when compared to other actors. But still, he came pretty close, and he's bound to rack up more deaths has his career continues.