There Are A Ton Of 'Rogue One' Voice Cameos You Probably Didn't Know About

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens featured some secret cameos from talents like Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg and Kevin Smith, upon first inspection it would appear that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story didn't really follow suit. But you might be surprised to learn that there were a ton of voice cameos in the movie, including some talents from Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars, who helped fill out the cast thanks to the magic of automated dialogue replacement (ADR).

Find out about the extensive list of Rogue One voice cameos after the jump.

Throughout Rogue One, there are various Rebels and Stormtroopers who are heard in the movie, but they are character whose faces are never seen so their dialogue is provided in post-production. So who better to use than actors who get paid to lend their voice to Star Wars characters in order to bring them to life?

Rogue One utilized the voice of Star Wars Rebels cast members Steve Blum (Zeb), Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla, whose named can be heard broadcast over the Rebel speaker system on Yavin 4), Sam Witwer (Darth Maul) and Tom Kane (Yoda). In addition, Clone Wars voice star James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) lent his voice to Rogue One. Even Star Wars Rebels creator and executive producer Dave Filoni can be heard somewhere in the movie.

Along with those familiar voice actors, some key names from behind the scenes provided brief voice cameos. The film's composer Michael Giacchino had a voice cameo along with director Tony Gilroy (who reportedly had a key part in fixing Rogue One in reshoots and post-production) and his brother John Gilroy. There were also these Star Wars veterans giving their voices to the movie (via

  • David Accord – sound designer on Star Wars Rebels, The Force Awakens and more
  • David Ankrum – additional voices in Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Verona Blue – additional voices in The Force Awakens
  • Dave BoatStar Wars video games voice actor
  • Eugene ByrdLEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures
  • Jonathan Dixon – additional voices in The Force Awakens
  • Michael DonovanLEGO Star Wars video games and The Force Awakens
  • Terri Douglas – ADR voice casting for The Force Awakens and Rogue One
  • Robin Atkin Downes – Cham Syndulla on Star Wars Rebels
  • Tom Harrison-Read – first assistant editor on Rogue One
  • Kevin Hickman – first assistant editor on Rogue One
  • Karen Huie – additional voices in The Force Awakens
  • Lex LangStar Wars video games voice actor
  • Vanessa LengiesLEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures
  • Yuri LowenthalStar Wars video games voice actor
  • Christopher Scarabosio – re-recording mixer for Rogue One and Clone Wars
  • Orly Schuchmacher – additional voices in The Force Awakens
  • Kat Sheridan – additional voices in The Force Awakens
  • Christian Simpson – Hayden Christensen's stand-in for Revenge of the Sith
  • David SobolovStar Wars video games voice actor
  • Julian StoneStar Wars video games voice actor
  • John SwartzThe Force Awakens and Rogue One co-producer
  • Fred TatascioreStar Wars Rebels and video games actor
  • It's cool that Lucasfilm gives even little voice roles like this to people who have been involved with Star Wars in some capacity for years. Many of these actors also lend their voices to Marvel animated series, so it sounds like they're pretty comfortable at Disney. Among the above list there are also some actors who have parts in live-action TV shows like The Flash too.

    Finally, as one last bit of trivia, there was one cameo that was supposed to be in Rogue One, but it didn't make the final cut. Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta revealed that we almost finally got to see nerf herders on the big screen:

    Honestly, I almost don't want to see a nerf herder in a Star Wars movie, just so we can leave that to our imagination. But surely it's bound to make it into a Star Wars movie someday.