VOTD: How 'Star Wars' Should Have Ended

If you've been following the How It Should Have Ended video series since it became a big deal on the internet, then you might have already seen their take on how Star Wars should have ended. That episode was actually one of the earliest, and it helped spawn the YouTube channel that exists today.

Well, since George Lucas couldn't stop tinkering with the original Star Wars trilogy, the folks over at HISHE decided to go back and create How Star Wars Should Have Ended: Special Edition. Watch it after the jump.

The fact that Princess Leia is willing to risk revealing the real location of the secret Rebel base, knowing the Empire is tracking the Millennium Falcon after their escape from the Death Star, is a pretty bold move on her part. That's especially true when you think about the fact that she's not entirely sure if the information inside R2-D2 will actually help them destroy the Death Star. But that's how the story plays out, and there's no use nitpicking about it now.

Aside from the relevance of this video due to the arrival of Rogue One in theaters this weekend, the folks at HISHE explained why they decided to give this episode a makeover:

"Years ago the classic Star Wars HISHE caught the eye of the internet and was the episode that launched our channel into life. It holds a very special place in our hearts. But as the years passed we started seeing requests for a "special edition" since the original didn't quite match the style of our later HISHE episodes."

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters everywhere now.