VOTD: These Water-Powered 'Star Wars' Speeder Bikes Are The Real Deal

While some of the technology that was once just the dream of sci-fi filmmakers has become real, most of what we've seen in the Star Wars universe is still just fantasy. Whether it's ships that can travel at hyperspeed, lightsabers or space stations that can blow up entire planets, we just have to accept that some of these creations may never be real. However, that doesn't mean we can't come close to realizing some of our Star Wars dreams.

One of the most exciting sequences from Return of the Jedi is the speeder bike chase between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and some Imperial Scout Troopers in the thick forests of Endor. While we've yet to create vehicles that can fly through the air like speeder bikes, thanks to the power of water, we have the next best thing.

Check out some awesome water-powered Star Wars speeder bikes after the jump.

Here's the cool video showing off these real life speeder bikes from Devin Super Tramp (via Sploid):

So how did they make these speeder bikes? Well, they actually just modified a neat little water-powered recreational vehicle that already existed. It's called the Jetovator, and the company behind them was happy to help make this awesome video that even has adorable Ewoks and a Wilhelm scream.

This modified Jetovator is one of the most cool creations I've seen in awhile, and it makes me wish that they were more readily available to ride for the public. If I can't speed through the forest on a flying bike, then I'd at least like to stream down a river thanks to the power of water.