'Rogue One' Footage Reaction Round-Up: Explosive Action, Praise For K-2SO & More

This weekend, our own Jacob Hall went to Skywalker Ranch for a special press event showing 28 minutes of footage from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. You can check out his full, spoiler-free reaction over here. But since there were several more reporters and critics on hand, we thought we'd provide you a variety of reactions after the footage screened.

The Rogue One footage reactions have plenty of praise across the board with many praising the action and loving the new droid K-2SO. There's also plenty of confirmation that there is no opening crawl, as we already heard. And director Gareth Edwards has been paying attention to the early buzz, and he reacts to the good word of mouth coming from this sneak preview.

For more Rogue One footage reactions, all of them spoiler-free, hit the jump.

If you'd like more detailed reactions, our friends at IndieWire, Uproxx and USA Today have extended thoughts on the footage shown, though beware that they may not be as spoiler-free as our own reaction to the footage. They continue the praise for the action, which sounds like it'll be more intense and grittier than any action

Gareth Edwards has been paying attention to what we and all of our colleagues have to say, and he's very happy to hear that the reactions are good so far. He told ComicBook.com:

"It feels good, and it's a relief. because I feel like the best is yet to come. The little clip we showed is not really – the film is built as a whole, so it's really hard to show bits and pieces. It's a journey that you and the characters go on. So I really can't wait for you to see the rest of the movie, because it builds and builds."

That's probably why one of the tweets above felt there were pacing issues. But there could easily be some cutting in this footage that removed parts that Lucasfilm didn't want to show to press just yet. We'll find out when the movie arrives with sneak preview screenings beginning the evening of December 15th.