Video: Plenty Of Joker Scenes Were Still Left Out Of The 'Suicide Squad' Extended Cut

The Suicide Squad extended cut hit VOD last week, with 13 extra minutes of footage for those who left the theater longing for more. However, those yearning for more Joker specifically may still feel cheated. Although both Jared Leto and David Ayer have confirmed a lot of the Joker's scenes were left on the cutting room floor, it seems only a fraction of that material made it back into the extended edition.

So one disappointed fan has taken matters into their own hands, compiling into a single video all of the Joker footage that was teased in set videos, TV spots, and B-roll but not included in the theatrical or extended editions. Watch it below. 

RedDawnHanger77 has combed through all the Suicide Squad marketing material to put together a two-minute video of all the Joker material excluded from the final film.

Leto's Joker was the focus of a lot of the Suicide Squad marketing, so it was surprising when the movie turned out not to have very much Joker at all. Some, like myself, would argue that's for the best. The character feels extraneous to the central plot, serving mostly as a distraction from characters we're actually supposed to care about. Plus, after all that hype about Leto's obnoxious "method" work, his Joker is surprisingly... not that interesting. (And before you come at me, DC fans, I'm saying this as someone who enjoyed Suicide Squad more than most.)

But I'm sure there are lots of other moviegoers who went in hoping to see another transformative performance from Leto and were frustrated to realize he's barely in the movie. Including, it seems, Jared Leto. The actor has said he "brought so much to the table in every scene" that there's "probably enough footage... for a Joker movie." Maybe we'll get to see that movie someday, but for better or for worse, it looks like the Suicide Squad extended cut ain't it.