Cool Stuff: All Your Favorite Sci-Fi Movies Are In This Where's Waldo-Esque Print

For any sci-fi fan, it would be a dream come true to find a place where the characters from all your favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows existed in the same world. But unless we figure out how to travel to a parallel dimension where all those character that have been imagined over the years are real, we'll have to settle for this new print from the Hero Complex Gallery show Sci-Scapes.

Artists Josan Gonzalez and Laurie Greasley created this insanely detailed piece of work that feels like a sci-fi version of Where's Waldo. But rather than looking for the bespectacled, red and white striped sweater wearing explorer, you can just look at any part of this image and find someone or something from RoboCop, Total Recall, Akira, Alien, Stranger Things, Blade Runner, Predator and much more.

Check out the sci-fi crossover poster after the jump.

Here's the Sci-Scapes print called "The Raid" from Hero Complex Gallery:

Sci-Scapes - Sci-Fi Crossover Poster

This piece is just one of over a dozen pieces from the Sci-Scapes show on display over at Hero Complex Gallery through December 4. The bad news is that the more affordable 24x36 print version of this piece is already sold out. However, if you've got some extra cash and plenty of wall space, you can buy eight different 20x14 pieces to make up one massive version of this print. Individually, you can buy one of the eight panels for $40 each, or you can buy all eight of them in a bundle for a discount at $270. Here are some of the close-up shots:

Even when checking out these individual panels, finding all of the references isn't easy. They're all over the place, and you can stare at it for a long time and still find something new.