WTF: Star Wars-Branded Photocopy Paper Exists For No Good Reason

It's no secret that merchandise is the bread and butter of the profits that come from owning the rights to the Star Wars saga. Anything and everything has been branded with the Star Wars logo, aliens, vehicles and all sorts of things from a galaxy far, far away. And just when we thought we'd seen it all, one company delivers something that has no good reason for existing.

The office supply company Quill is now selling Star Wars branded photocopy paper. What's so special about this Star Wars paper? The answer might surprise you.

The Star Wars paper from Quill (via io9) isn't special at all. The paper itself doesn't have the Star Wars logo watermarked on it or anything like that. It's just plain old photocopy paper that just so happens to come in Star Wars-themed wrapping and a Star Wars-themed box.

The good news is that this carton of paper doesn't cost any more than the regular carton of paper that Quill sells, and it even has the cute product number # 901-R2D2. Both the regular paper and Star Wars paper will cost you $39.99 from their site, but Quill is hoping that what makes the Star Wars paper appealing is what you can do after you use all the paper inside the box.

After the Star Wars paper is gone, you can take the lid of the box and hang it on the wall. It may not be the most elegant way to show your love for Star Wars, but it might be good enough to decorate your office or cubicle. At the very least, it'll be a good conversation starter with co-workers about the poor decisions you've made with your money.

However, the one thing that's more appealing is that once the Star Wars paper is gone, you can still use the box for storage. And since the box is decked out in Star Wars imagery, it could be a great place to store some of the collectibles that you either don't have room to display or have been banished from being out in the open by your significant other. Of course, if your significant other is ashamed of your hobbies, it's time to find a new one. But then again, at this point in the hypothetical situation, you're the one who bought Star Wars paper, so maybe you should rethink some things too.

This Star Wars paper will start shipping on Monday, November 21.