VOTD: Explore The World Of Alternative Movie Posters With Artist Tom Whalen

If you're a regular /Film reader, then you know that we love collectible art inspired by film and television. Every single week there's at least one awesome new piece of artwork paying tribute to the movies and TV shows that we love, and we even have some artists whose work we're so excited to see. Now one of those artists provides some background in this little niche world of alternative movie posters for those who may not be well-versed in this hobby.

Watch this alternative movie posters video essay after the jump.

Here's the video taking you inside the world of alternative movie posters from How Stuff Works:

This doesn't offer any new information for those of you out there who already get excited by the release of new artwork from artists like Tom Whalen. But for those who don't understand why people get so excited about artwork that isn't an official movie poster from the studio, this video lays everything out.

Personally, I like having alternate, stylistic takes on the movies and TV shows I love. Most of these prints don't look anything like official movie posters, and some are so good that studios have started recruiting these artists to create officially licensed alternative movie posters that get handed out at advance screenings and whatnot.

If you're interested in paying closer attention to this collectible art world, stay tuned to places like Mondo, Hero Complex Gallery, Bottleneck Gallery, Dark Hall Mansion and Gallery 1988 for their latest opportunities to get limited edition prints to hang out your walls.