Video: A 'TRON' Update Is Coming To 'Grand Theft Auto Online'

Today is going to be a long day, as we wait for the 2016 election results to be tabulated, so it's nice to know that we can go release some stress by taking advantage of a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online today. Some of you out there maybe haven't played Grand Theft Auto V in awhile, but this update just might get some of you back online for a bit.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Deadline is a new update that adds some new gameplay features which basically make it feel like you're playing the game on The Grid in TRON. Get a taste of the Grand Theft Auto TRON shenanigans after the jump.

Obviously Grand Theft Auto can't just call this a TRON update due to copyrights, but those motorcycles are clearly designed after the lightcycles from the popular film franchise. Plus, the gameplay for the new addition called Nagasaki Shotaro features these motorcycles cruising around with light trails that follow behind them which are extremely deadly to other players if you run into them with your bike.

The only thing that could make this update even better is if there was some kind of light disc weapon that you could throw and turn people into pixels. Or if there was a way to fly around the city in a Recognizer, or drive that quad vehicle that Olivia Wilde's character Quora cruises around in. You know what, just make a decent TRON video game with a sandbox environment.

Grand Theft Auto Online has introduced some other genre-infused updates in previous months, but this is the first one that is so blatantly inspired by a popular sci-fi film franchise. It would be awesome to see updates take cues from fan creations for Grand Theft Auto where they've brought things like the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future or Marvel's Incredible Hulk into the game. The Iron Man suit was another awesome modification that has literally changed the game for those who play on their computer.

Getting updates like that would take some tricky rights negotiations, but fans would lose their mind, and it would continue to make a game that has been around for awhile feel fresh again. It might even make for some cool cross-promotion with other movies. Anyway, Grand Theft Auto Online: Deadline is available now to add to Grand Theft Auto V, so take a break from watching election results later today and go ride some lightcycles.