Cool Stuff: Adam Savage Completes His 'Fifth Element' Weapon Replica After 17 Years

Easily one of the coolest sci-fi weapons of all time is the ZF-1 from The Fifth Element. If you're not as familiar with the Luc Besson sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis as you should be, it's the weapon that Gary Oldman demonstrates for his alien crime partners who are trying to steal the elemental stones for him. The gun has a rocket launcher, arrow launcher, net launcher, flamethrower, ice blast, a feature that allows every bullet shot to hit the same target, and of course a self-destruct button. It's been an object of desire for Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage to build his own for years, and now after 17 years of work, he's finally completed it.

Check out Adam Savage's Fifth Element gun after the jump.

In the video above, Adam Savage explains the long road he traveled in order to build his own working version of the gun. By working version, we mean that it has moveable parts and electronics that the actual prop did, but it doesn't actually work as a weapon.

No average person could have built this weapon to the detailed specifications that Adam Savage has been able to come by. With the help of some of his friends who work in prop departments as well as the help of a behind the scenes featurette focusing on the making of the prop in a DVD version of the movie that was only available in Germany.

Adam Savage is a truly gifted builder, and we're just glad he's nerdy enough to do things like this. In case you missed it, check out his recent model of The Shining shrubbery maze over here.