VOTD: 10 Of The Most Emotional Movie Moments Of All Time

Let's just get this out of the way right now: You're going to have some major discrepancies with the video after the jump, but that's also what makes cinema so damn great.

CineFix has compiled a list of what they call the 10 most emotional movie moments of all time. Of course, since we all feel different emotions at varying strengths due to our life experiences, perspectives and personal feelings on various topics, every single person would have a different list. So instead, let's just pretend these aren't the 10 most emotional moments, but merely some fine examples of pure, raw emotion on film.

What makes a countdown like this so hard to grasp is all the different emotions on display across the chosen scenes. For example, I don't think the voicemail scene in Swingers comes anywhere close to packing as much "emotion" as the moment where Upham fails to save Mellish in Saving Private Ryan or the ceasefire in Children of Men. But for others, that sense of discomfort and awkwardness is so strong that it might pack that strong of a punch.

It's hard to compare the strength of one emotion to the other in cinema, if only because we all react to different sounds and visuals differently. Something that is emotional to one person may not be as hard-hitting to another. That said, I think Fruitvale Station is one of the most hard-hitting, tragic dramas of the past decade, and it's truly a shame that movie didn't get so much as a nomination at the Academy Awards, and the scene chosen from that movie perfectly shows why.

What do you think some of the most emotional movies moments ever are?