VOTD: 'Teddy Bears Are For Lovers' Turns Love Mementos Into Monsters

During the course of a romantic relationship, plenty of little, adorable gifts are given between lovers. The most typical gifts are usually flowers, candy or in some cases a teddy bear. Most of these little gifts end up being disposable, especially if the relationship goes sour. But what if when the relationship went bad, so did these little gifts?

A new short film called Teddy Bears Are For Lovers, crafted in the same vein as Gremlins or Child's Play, imagines what might happen if the teddy bears given to ex-lovers were just as heartbroken as those who were broken up with. Just what would they do in order to get revenge for being scarred emotionally, and even physically? Find out after the jump.

If you're curious as to how director Almog Avidan Antonir and his crew put this film together, here's how they explained the making of the movie:

We shot over two weeks in an apartment set built from scratch on a soundstage with a crew of 25 alumni from Biola University and Chapman University. We partnered with the up­-and-­coming Raptor House Effects to build five animatronic teddy bears to be used on set. Most teddy bears had at least two puppeteers and a third puppeteer controlling their facial movements via remote control. We brought onboard Garrett Wycoff (a VFX artist at Luma Pictures) to spearhead the VFX work of removing the puppeteers, wires, and rods from the finished picture. ?

They certainly did a good job of ensuring that people think twice before giving teddy bears to their loved ones again. Honestly, I think there's the potential for a feature film version of this tale, but it also works in a contained story pretty well already, so maybe it's not necessary.