Joss Whedon Is Working On A World War II Horror Movie

Following his hard work on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and some of the harsh words from critics and fans, director Joss Whedon took a much deserved break from putting himself out there. He stepped away from Twitter, only to come back just in time to create the Save the Day voting initiative with a lot of his Avengers stars, and now he's getting back in the groove of making movies again. Just yesterday we learned that he would jump at the opportunity to direct a Star Wars movie, specifically one of the spin-offs that aren't beholden to the main storyline, but now we have word on a project that he's actually working on.

Find out about the new Joss Whedon project after the jump.

Speaking with Complex, Whedon revealed that working on the Save the Day campaign actually made him feel less cynical. That appears to have ignited his passion for storytelling again, and he's in the middle of working on a project right now. Whedon says:

I'm in the middle of a screenplay that I am extremely passionate about, and I am going to be extremely passionate about it again on November 9. It's definitely a departure from the things that I'm known for. It's as dark as anything I've ever written.

So once the election is over, Joss Whedon will get back to work on this screenplay. He didn't divulge any specific story details, but when prompted to explain why this is the darkest thing he's written, Whedon added:

Yeah, because I just said, 'OK, id, your turn.' I would write scenes and be like, 'Oh this is great! I shouldn't be allowed near people.' It's a historical fiction slash horror movie about a time when the world was going insane, World War II. I got to tell you, I was in Germany and Poland doing research for this movie and I was seeing so many parallels [to the U.S.]. And I know it's a shopworn thing to compare the orange guy to the little guy with the mustache, but you see things, indelible things in terms of propaganda, the state of the country, and the parallels are eerie as fuck.

A horror movie set in World War II sounds like something Guillermo del Toro would do. But we know what Whedon can do in that genre, so the prospect of seeing this movie come together is quite enticing. I'm a sucker for genre movies that are set in the events of real history, so I hope Whedon finishes this soon so we can get a peek at what he's been working on.