Cool Stuff: This Kid Wins Halloween With His Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Wheelchair Costume

Living with an ailment than keeps you confined to a wheelchair most of the time when you venture out of the house is undoubtedly difficult. But luckily, a nine year old boy named Jeremy with spina bifida has some spectacular parents who make him feel like the coolest kid on the block when heading out into the neighborhood on Halloween.

You might remember a story in Star Wars Bits last year where a father turned his son's wheelchair into a snowspeeder from The Empire Strikes Back. The flaps even moved, and the laser canons shot glowing NERF darts. That was Jeremy in that snowspeeder. Now his father has done something magical again by turning his son's wheelchair into the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.

Here's the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 wheelchair costume from YouTube (via io9):

Jeremy's father, Ryan Scott Miller, lays out everything they included in this build:

The Ecto-1 includes working headlights, siren lights, tail lights and speakers for Ghostbusters siren and theme music! The roof rack includes yellow canisters, green canister, blue tubes, ladder, red probe, siren light, two speakers (one for the Ghostbusters siren and one for theme music), satelite dish and whatever the white & red canister is from the Ecto-1.

As a die hard fan of the original Ghostbusters, I must say that this is probably one of the coolest Halloween costumes I have ever seen. If I were Jeremy, I would roll around town in that Ecto-1 once a week, just so everyone knows he ain't afraid of no ghosts the whole year round.