Scarlett Johansson Discusses The Endless Possibilities For A Black Widow Movie

Since Marvel Studios already has their roster set through 2019, we won't be seeing a standalone Black Widow movie anytime soon. However, Kevin Feige did say after that line-up is finished, "I would say certainly the one creatively and emotionally that we are most committing to doing is Black Widow." There's no indication as to what kind of movie we'd get featuring Black Widow, but Scarlett Johansson sees endless possibilities.

Find out what the actress thinks about the prospect of a Black Widow movie after the jump.

Speaking with Variety about a number of topics, discussion inevitably turned to her work in the Marvel cinematic universe. When asked if there would ever be a standalone Black Widow movie, Johansson indicated that she's ready, but it needs to be the right time:

I would like for it to happen under the right circumstances. I think there's a lot of opportunity to mine that story line. She's got a really rich origins story. There's a lot of places you can go — you can bring it back to Russia. You could explore the Widow program. There's all kinds of stuff that you could do with it. You could really uncover the identity of who this person is, where she comes from and where she's part of.

It's true that Black Widow has plenty of mystery surrounding her. We've only gotten some brief tidbits regarding her backstory from the Avengers movies, as well as her interaction with Hawkeye, who has a history with the acrobatic Avenger. So she's right that there are plenty of untapped avenues to make this movie happen (some of which have been explored in novelizations). But Johansson also acknowledges that it doesn't have to give her a straight-up origin story with background details:

There's plenty of back story. Or not. It could be something else. Where do the Avengers go? They are underground. What happens then? What happens after it all falls apart? There are so many ways you can go. I think it would just have to be very much like its own specific thing. It would have to have its own specific vibe. It would have been totally different than any of the other standalone films.

One direction fans have been hoping to see is a movie with Black Widow and Hawkeye working together, giving us more insight into their friendship. More specifically, many have been interested in just what happened in Budapest between those two, since it's mentioned during the attack on New York in The Avengers.

Personally, I'd like to see a retro-style spy movie, something much more isolated and contained along the lines of Ant-Man but with the style of The Man From UNCLE perhaps. As for when we might see any kind of Black Widow movie, she doesn't have any more idea than we do at this point, but she's confident it can happen:

I think if the fans wanted it enough, then it would probably become a reality. I talked to them [Marvel] about it often. It would have to fit in the idea of where they want to go. I'm invested in that character. Marvel is greatly invested in that character. If I did it, I'd have to do it while I still actually wanted to wear a skin-tight catsuit. I don't know how much longer that's going to be.

In addition, an interview with Collider has Johansson saying that a series of Black Widow movies could be possible:

"Right now I think this character is used well in this part of the universe, but I think that Kevin—I mean, we've talked about it and we both share similar vision for what could be a standalone series."

Keep your fingers crossed that one of the first movies to follow The Avengers 4 will be one for Black Widow. And if all goes well, Joss Whedon might even come back to direct it, that is if Marvel Studios wants him back.